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Defending Against Threats

KS Wild is the primary organization monitoring the public forests and wildlands of the Klamath-Siskiyou. Below are a few major threats to the wild. We work to defend the best and restore the rest. Please click on the title of any threat to learn more about that issue and what we're doing to confront the problem and protect the wild.

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ORV trashed meadow
Off-Road Vehicle Abuse

KS Wild works to ensure that ORVs don’t threaten rare species, sensitive watersheds, or non-motorized recreation. The Klamath-Siskiyou has special places, such as meadows, botanical preserves, and high elevation lakes that are at particular threat from ORVs.


Soil Erosion from grazing


KS Wild works to change grazing practices on publicly owned lands to protect meadows, lakes, rare plants and creeks from unsuitable grazing. Grazing public lands interferes with recreation, harms important plant and animal habitats and spoils water quality. It also costs taxpayers thousands of dollars per year.

bad road


Many forests in the Klamath-Siskiyou are blanketed with a maze of logging roads that are literally falling apart. KS Wild has conducted extensive field reviews of the logging road systems throughout southern Oregon and northern California and we provide detailed information to the Forest Service about which roads are needed for public and administrative access, and which roads are particularly harmful to water and wildlife. 

Mine damage


Governed by the 1872 Mining Act, mining on public forest lands in Southwest Oregon and Northwest California is taking a huge toll on water quality, at-risk fish habitat and terrestrial forest values. KS Wild is working hard to rein-in widespread illegal mining on public lands.



Industrial logging and fire suppression have fundamentally altered the fire-evolved forests of the Klamath-Siskiyou. KS Wild monitors and field-checks federal timber sales in Southwest Oregon and Northwest California. We make sure that logging proposals follow the law, and we double-check to make sure projects are implemented as they were planned.


Pipeline construction
Liquefied Natural Gas Development

KS Wild’s Rogue Riverkeeper program is working in a broad coalition to stop the Coos Bay Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) proposal that would pump foreign fossil fuels to California via Oregon’s fragile coast and a 235-mile pipeline across Southwest Oregon.


Red spot fire
Climate Change

We recognize that all of the advocacy and conservation work we do takes place within an emerging paradigm of long-term, large-scale priorities. Natural and human systems need to be as adaptable as possible as we experience climate change in the years to come.