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Wild Forests of the Applegate at Risk

The BLM is accepting public comment on the Nedsbar Forest Management Project. Get your comments in today!

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"Regeneration logging" is clear-cutting

The BLM's plans to remove ancient forests serving as spotted owl critical habitat and replace them with dense tree plantations that increase fire hazard is a big step backwards for wildlife and watershed values.

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Groups Plan to Sue over Pacific fisher
KS Wild was joined by several conservation groups who plan to sue the federal government for backtracking on more than a decade's worth of studies when it failed this spring to list the Pacific fisher as a threatened species, saying isolated populations, including those in southwest Oregon, warrant protection.
Tremendous sugar pines in the Applegate
The Butte Fork trail is the lowest elevation and most gentle of all the hiking routes in the Red Buttes Mountains. There’s a lot to love about this route through the last untouched valley in the upper Applegate, including wildflowers, views of the snowy Siskiyou Crest ridgeline and the cascading of the Butte Fork and its tributaries. Surprising old-growth Sugar Pines along the trail to Cedar Basin will not disappoint.
Update: Westside Salvage Logging
Clearcutting has started in the recovering post-fire "Westside Salvage" logging units. KS Wild is supporting the Karuk Tribe in emergency legal motions that will ask the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in early May to halt the logging while affected wildlands and wildlife get their day in court. Cross your fingers and stay tuned as we continue to do all we can to promote real restoration and protect forests and watersheds of the Marble Mountains from clearcutting.

Don't miss the event of the year!

Come celebrate the land of Big Trees & Wild Rivers on October 1st at KS Wild's 12th Annual Dinner & Auction.

The Salmon are coming home.

KS Wild & rogue Riverkeeper are offering a series of fall salmon walks in the Rogue and Illinois River systems this fall.  

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McLaughlinPublic Lands for All
Join the movement to keep public lands in public hands. 
Participate in a social media campaign, write a letter to the editor, sign our petition and more.
Smith river boaters squareProtect Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers
Learn more about supporting the campaign to prevent nickel mining in the Kalmiopsis and Wild Rivers coast - some of the US's most wild and pristine rivers. 

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We need your help monitoring areas protected for our amazing regional botanical diversity. 

BLM buttonOur BLM Backyard Forests
BLM forests have a unique history and offer diverse benefits to our region. Right now, our backyard forests are under threat.