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This is your one stop shop for conservation-focused news about the Klamath-Siskiyou region. Here, you can also find news and updates about KS Wild.

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OR-7 Could Be Re-collared Next Month
Biologists plan to recapture OR-7 and replace the wolf's tracking collar — and possibly collar his mate and some of his three pups — to keep tracking Western Oregon's only known wolf family as they work their way toward pack status.
15,000 Urge Federal Gov’t to Protect SW Oregon Watersheds from Mining
Today over 15,000 letters were delivered to the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to support a mineral withdrawal for public lands in critical watersheds in southwest Oregon, including the North Fork Smith River, Baldface Creek, Rough & Ready Creek, and Hunter Creek.
Trail camera gets new photos of OR-7's wolf pups
New photos of wolf OR-7's pups show that he and his mate have at least three offspring roaming the woods of eastern Jackson County — and maybe more.
National report shows Oregon Caves brings $4.8 million to economy
A National Park Service report shows that 72,717 visitors to Oregon Caves National Monument in 2013 spent nearly $4.8 million in communities near the park, supporting 70 jobs in the local area.
Groups oppose proposed mining in Smith watershed
Conservation organizations including KS Wild are attempting to derail proposed exploratory drilling that they fear could lead to a nickel strip mining operation in a remote corner of southeast Curry County that has been proposed for federal wilderness protection.
To prevent another Formosa disaster, block new nickel mines
Making the news, Rep. Peter DeFazio on April 17 toured the remains of the Formosa copper mine in the South Umpqua watershed near Riddle, south of Roseburg. The mine was operated by a Canadian company from 1989-1993 and then abandoned.
Proposed mine by wild Smith River roils Del Norte County folks
A London mining company has applied to the U.S. Forest Service to begin exploratory drilling over thousands of acres of forest lands in the headwaters of the clear, flowing Smith River. The Smith is a life force in the northern corner of California, where the locals keep a sharp eye out for threats to the pristine water and thriving fish.
DeFazio tours abandoned copper mine Superfund site
U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio on Thursday toured an abandoned copper mine in Southwestern Oregon that is on the Superfund list of major pollution sites in preparation for filing legislation to overhaul the nation’s primary mining law.
KS Wild launches new film
The eight minute film, "Guardians of the Klamath-Siskiyou" explores the varied wonders of southern Oregon and northern California.
Breaking News – Wyden Set to Release Sweeping Forest Legislation
Senator Ron Wyden’s long-awaited forest legislation has far-reaching and long lasting impacts on public forests in Oregon. The stakes are huge. His legislation affects public forests in an area fifteen times the size of Crater Lake National Park, drinking water for 1.8 million Oregonians and wild rivers and recreation throughout the state.