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Off-Road Vehicles

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Power line damage

According to Forest Service studies, off-road vehicle use accounts for only 2% of visits to our National Forests in the Klamath Siskiyous. Yet the damage from this extreme form of recreation results in significant damage to wildflower meadows, streams, and wildlife that belong to all Americans.


Most national forest visitors know that the appropriate place for motor vehicle use is on the established road network. But a few irresponsible ORV users ruin public lands for everybody by going "muddin" and tearing up fragile meadows, by driving through and in riparian areas, and by "high marking" up erosive slopes. The environmental damage from such off-road vehicle damage has been dramatically increasing over time.

KS Wild works with federal land managers to prevent and restore damage to meadows and creeks from irresponsible ORV damage. We document environmental harm and propose solutions ranging from better law enforcement to fencing and barricades. When necessary we work for emergency closures. We also participate in transportation management planning designed to prevent additional environmental damage and we advocate for restoration of damaged areas.

Off Road Vehicles

Extreme elements in the off-road vehicle community have a long history of ignoring any limits on where and how they can ride. While the High Cascades Ranger District of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest has an enormous system of ORV trails, some ORV users still seek out wildlands and botanical hotspots to trash.

We stand up for wildflowers and watersheds and protect our common natural heritage from the few vandals who think public lands exist to be torn-up by off road vehicles. KS Wild pledges to work to protect biodiversity, water quality, and safe roads our National Forests for all Americans.