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Nedsbar Timber Sale

KS Wild filed a formal protest on September 15 2016.

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On Thursday, September 1, 2016, the BLM released its Decision Record (DR) for the Nedsbar Timber Sale. Unfortunately, this decision did not choose the most community centric alternative proposed and supported by over 330 people living in the Applegate Adaptive Management Area. 

Instead, the BLM disregarded over 500 comments from people like you emphasizing the importance of the Adaptive Management Area and citing the significant environmental concerns of people who live and depend on Wild Applegate Forests. After two years and thousands of volunteer hours invested by community members, the BLM has chosen to mostly implement Alternative 4, the most timber dominant option available.

 The Applegate was selected, as clearly stated in the Northwest Forest Plan, “to provide opportunities for innovation, to provide examples in major physiographic provinces, and to provide a range of technical challenges, from an emphasis on restoration of late-successional forest conditions and riparian zones to integration of commercial timber harvest with ecological objectives.” (Standards and Guidelines. Adaptive Management Area. Attachment A; D-2.) 

o   The BLM’s Decision Record for the Nedsbar Forest Management Project does not adequately uphold this directive by integrating the focus on late successional reserves, riparian zones or the integration of timber harvest with ecological objectives as outlined and supported by over 300 community members in the Nedsbar Community Alternative, Alternative 5.

Specifically, the Decision Record does not account for the following community concerns:

o   Building miles of new road to access commercial logging units.

o    Excessive commercial logging in the Little Applegate and Upper Applegate Valleys.

o   Increasing fire hazards by removing excessive levels of forest canopy and large, fire resistant trees. 

o   Removing large trees that are important for wildlife and contribute to the scenic qualities of the Applegate Valley.

o   Logging any of the Bald Mountain Unit.


To read the decision, visit the BLM website.

On September 15, 2016 KS Wild filed a formal protest with the BLM.  Read the protest here.