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Giving Up Grazing
Appeals court says spotted owl protection violated
Magistrate halts contested timber sale
Lamprey protection soughtLamprey protection sought
Eco groups sue to stop Pickett Snake Timber Sale
Timber salvage from 2002 fire sold
Tour boats face summer limits
Biologists seek to overturn ruling, kill cougars for deer study
Timbered Rock fire salvage hit with legal roadblock
Forest fisher in trouble, but protections denied for lack of cash
Logging program ready to double
Timber sale attracts no bids
Cheers greet timber harvest foes
9th Circuit ruling buttresses spotted owl protection
Biscuit salvage draws two-city protest
One fire, two views
Watershed thinning on fast track to approval
Judge tosses 2004 Northwest logging rules
Ski-area plan gets praise, criticism
Judge blocks Klamath logging plan, orders environmental review
Conservationists warn they will sue to protect Pacific fisher
Lawsuit filed to protect two Western salamander species
Judge stops federal timber project
Species report stalls logging
Environmental film festival
BLM lists forest alternatives
Stewardship workshop targets thinning
Forest Service Auctions Burned Timber
Sides Line Up for Fight to Rewrite Endangered Species Act
Experts Find New Species of Salamander
Salamander ruling disputed
Walden-backed forest bill approved
Government says salamanders don't need listing
County budget now includes cougar hunter
Ruling guards old growth
Kulongoski petitions for protection
Activists praise forest plan ruling
Groups seek delay in cougar hunt
Groups want to protect old growth trees in Glendale timber sales
Judge revives roadless rule
Five timber areas sold; four face protests
Hundreds rally to tout expansion
Contract awarded for vegetation-thinning project
Appeals court: BLM must look at cumulative impact
Lawsuit seeks to protect reclusive wolverine in West
Lawsuit challenges "roadless rule" repeal
Timber auction attracts protests
Owl study tips scale for court
Scattered Apples settlement restricts logging
Revised BLM plan divides interests
Forest thinning plan wins support
Community wins legal challenge against logging
Siskiyou among "endangered" forests
Forest Service: Road work followed policy
Feds to consider protection for lamprey
New rule limits off-road vehicles
Mushrooms, Christmas trees trimmed
Judge halts BLM timber salvage
Forest commission appointments delayed
Logging challenged along Klamath River tributary
A Tale of Two Timber Sales
Environmentalists, timber advocates find points of agreement
Court: BLM acted illegally to allow logging
Clash with Mt. A. averted
Environmental groups sue over Klamath logging plan
Wolverine advocates give notice of intent to sue
DeFazio bills look to expand wilderness areas
Rules tougher for volunteer cougar hunters
Wyden presses for forest-thinning bill
Blues for the Environment
David Jacobs-Strain performs benefit concert for KS Wild
Salmon-viewing hikes
The hikes offer opportunities to increase your knowledge of salmon and the conditions that dictate their survival.
Bush logging proposal opponents seek to reinstate protest period
Five environmental groups want a judge to make sure Oregonians have one last chance to protest an aggressive Bush administration logging plan proposed for Western Oregon forests.
Water board mulls PacifiCorp project
Locals say they want Upper Klamath Basin dams to remain
Suit challenges feds' efforts to boost logging
Conservation groups are trying to stop Bush administration officials from boosting logging in Oregon's old growth forests before their time in office runs out.
Environmental group calls logging plan a clear cut
The Forest Service calls Low Meadow a restoration project. The Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center says it's a clear cut.
Lawsuits challenge BLM logging increase in Oregon
From: The World- Coos Bay, Or
Wyden bill for forests brings sides together
Timber industry, activists agree on new forest-management plan
Oregon objects to federal OK of Coos Bay gas terminal
FERC approves LNG terminal, governor to appeal
Oregon, others petition FERC to halt gas pipeline
Groups say the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission failed to meet standards set in the Clean Water Act, Coast Zone Management Act
Forest Service shares plan for Siskiyou travel
More than 3,000 miles of roads and 230 miles of trails will be available for off-highway motorized vehicles
Siskiyou off-road travel plan released
Banking on carbon
Oregon forestland owners can use their properties as carbon storage banks and trade carbon credits on the open market
Gold Ray removal supported through mail drive
Obama Administration raises concerns on eastern Oregon forest bill
Developer lays claim to more than gold in Oregon wilderness
Gold Ray removal supported through mail drive
Public opinion favors Gold Ray Dam removal
The public comment period for environmental assessment ends today
Oregon's salmon and taxpayers pay the price for mining
Collaborative thinning project receives BLM support
Ashland Creek bacteria study a community winner
LNG Pipelines: One Down, One Flipping?
Lawsuit from Karuk Tribe, conservation groups officially stops Orleans timber harvest
Federal judge orders Six Rivers National Forest to develop remedial plan
Oregon adopts strictest standards in United States for toxic water pollution
Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission today adopted the strictest standards for toxic water pollution in the United States. The new rules, adopted on a 4-1 vote, are designed to protect tribal members and others who eat large amounts of contaminated fish.
Gold miner Cliff Tracy wants to dig in again on critical salmon stream in southwest Oregon
In 2009, Tracy was convicted on a misdemeanor charge of illegally mining on U.S. Forest Service land next to a critical salmon stream in southwest Oregon. Now, he has applied to mine at the same spot again, and the Forest Service says his prior conviction won't factor in to their evaluation of his new proposal.
Timber group suing Interior for more trees
To force the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to increase its timber harvest in Western Oregon, the timber industry, including Rough and Ready Lumber Co. in the Illinois Valley and the Swanson Group Manufacturing in Glendale, filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday.
Timber group suing Interior for more trees
To force the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to increase its timber harvest in Western Oregon, the timber industry, including Rough and Ready Lumber Co. in the Illinois Valley and the Swanson Group Manufacturing in Glendale, filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday.
Southwest Oregon gold miner Cliff Tracy hit with second illegal mining charge
Southwest Oregon gold miner Clifford R. Tracy has been charged a second time with illegally mining near a sensitive salmon stream, this time on U.S. Bureau of Land Management property along Galice Creek.
Gold Hill miner suspected of illegal activity near Galice
Federal law enforcement believes Gold Hill miner Clifford Randall Tracy, who was convicted for illegal mining on Sucker Creek in 2009, is at it again.
Historic Accord for Old-growth Conservation and Forest Restoration Clears Court