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Action Alerts

Updates on threats to the Klamath-Siskyou region, and what you can do to help.

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Feds release plan for LNG port and pipeline in southwest Oregon
Speak up for renewable energy in Oregon!
BLM's “Whopper” is Here!
The Bush administration is working hard to unravel the Northwest Forest Plan before leaving office.
Administration Cuts Critical Habitat for Spotted Owl
Bush making destructive moves in waning days of administration.
BLM’s “Wolf-Pup” Timber Sale: Grave Creek and Wolf Creek Watersheds
Please let the BLM know you don't support old-growth logging.
Help Save Oregon's Treasures
Legislation introduced for Rogue River and Oregon Caves - Help make a proposal become a law.
A Dinosaur is Ravaging Public Lands and Human Health!
Help Reform the 1872 Mining Law - Contact Senator Smith Today!
Speak Up for Non-Motorized Recreation on the Siskiyou Crest
Please take a few moments to write a letter advocating for non-motorized recreation on the popular Boundary Trail.
Senate Committee Schedules Oversight Hearing on ORVs and Public Lands
Speak up about ORV abuse before the June 5th hearing.
LNG Pipeline Proposed through Southwest Oregon
The 223-mile pipeline would run from Coos Bay to the California border at Malin, sending the lion's share of energy to California.
Support Dam Removal on the Klamath River
Comments are due December 1.
OSU Study Says Salvage Logging at Biscuit Harmed Forests
Post-fire logging killed seedlings, increased fire danger
Evidence against Biscuit logging continues to mount
Former Biscuit planner speaks out on Walden's bill; OSU Forestry professors try to censor academic freedom; economic analysis cites taxpayer loss of $9 million.
GAO Report Blasts Biscuit Logging
The government lost $2 million; Contrary to claims by the Bush administration and its Republican allies, post-fire logging activities generally were not delayed by lawsuits.
Help Protect an American Gem
BLM Auctions Roadless Old-Growth near Wild and Scenic Rogue River
KS Wild Helps Steer Klamath Forest in a Restoration Direction
Thanks to folks like you, the public process resulted in a better project!
Sample Letter for Southside Mt. Ashland Project
Mixed Bag on Southside Mt. Ashland Project
Comments needed on road-building proposal in Klamath watershed
Private Alerts
Stand Up For the Wildlands and Salmon of the Klamath!
The Klamath National Forest is determining which areas of the Forest should be open to Off-Road Vehicles and which areas should be protected.
KS Wild Action Alerts
Got 10 seconds? Click through our automatic actions. Send a letter or sign-on to a petition in support of protecting the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion on the issues that are important to you.
Sample Letter to Governor Kulongoski on BLM's WOPR
Thank You Governor Kulongoski for Opposing the BLM's WOPR
Thank YOU for contacting the Governor about the BLM's WOPR- now please do it again to thank HIM for opposing it!
New Short Film: "Run Rogue Run" Available for Viewing Online
BLM Releases Plan for ORV Park Outside of Jacksonville
KS Wild's Brand New Poster Map of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion Available Now!
Gold Ray Dam Removal Public Meeting
Please attend the meeting and support dam removal
Help Stop Expansion of Bear Hunting Across California
Please urge the California Fish and Game Commission to reject plans to dramatically expand, increase bear hunting throughout the state Deadline for public comments is March 13, 2010
Help Protect Ashland Parks, Schools and Waters from Pesticides
pesticide free zone
Gold Ray Dam - Free the County and the Salmon
Gold Ray Dam w/coffers
Trinity River Watersheds and Salmon Need Your Help!
Medford Rally Against the Proposed Pacific Connector LNG Pipeline
Stand Against Violence on Public Lands
Department of State Lands To Liquidate Public Forests
Ask DEQ to Reduce Toxic Pollution: Send a Comment!
Help Protect Oregon Streams from Pesticides
Help Protect the Smith River Watershed from Off-Road Vehicle Damage
Help Shape the BLM Pilot Project
The "Pilot Joe" project has been floated as a model for future forest management, so it is important that you weigh-in and speak up for bona fide restoration and not let the BLM timber managers get away with logging as usual.
Congress must not strip the EPA’s duty to protect our waters from pesticides
Tell congress to keep our waters safe from pesticide application.
KS Wild Action Alerts
Zombie WOPR Still Alive
The Bush administration's Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) is back from the dead.
Stop the Closure of 70 California State Parks
Seventy state parks will be permanently closed to the public unless we act now.
Help Recover Wolves in the Pacific Northwest - Act by July 1
US Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting the first ever status review of wolves in the Pacific Northwest. The small number of wolves in Washington (and their much larger habitat in western Oregon and northern California) is distinct from the recently delisted Rocky Mountain wolf population, and we need to make sure their future status is protected.
Illegal Mining on Public Lands
Radical miners have threatened violence, blocked access to public lands, and have been conducting illegal mining in ecologically sensitive areas without permits or authorization. This needs to be taken seriously by our state leadership.
Mining strip
Clean Water Act Under Attack
One of our nation's most fundamental environmental laws is under attack, and we need to speak out to our federal delegation in a groundswell effort to counteract the lobbying efforts of resource extraction industries.
Bad Timber Sale threatens Jenny Creek Watershed
While Jenny Creek's unique importance for biodiversity and water quality is widely recognized, timber planners in the BLM remain intent on punching more logging roads into the heart of this watershed to conduct "group selection" logging of backcountry native forest stands.
This old-growth stands in the path of a proposed road.
Preserve BLM Forests
While Oregon’s vast expanse of forest is managed by patchwork of private industry and state and federal agencies, the 2.6 million acres of forest managed by the Bureau of Land Management are home to some of the most ecologically rich public forests in the U.S.
Stand Up For Beegum Creek Salmon!
Please take a moment to send an e-letter to the Forest Service letting them know that you support their efforts to restore the important values of clean water and salmon habitat in the Beegum Creek Watershed.
Defend Oregon from Dirty Energy
Tell Governor Kitzhaber that the State of Oregon should deny all permit applications for the Jordan Cove LNG project. 

Help Defend Hinkle Lake from Illegal ORV Use
Hinkle Lake Botanical Area is being trashed by illegal off-road vehicles. Help create the pressure we need to build to protect this special area.
Hinkle Lake
Hinkle Lake ORV
Protect the Wild and Scenic Chetco River
Support legislation to limit mining and provide interim protections for the Chetco while Congress considers more lasting protection.
Forest Service Sacrifices Wildlands to Off-Road Vehicle Damage
For years, irresponsible off-road vehicle users have trashed meadows, streams, botanical hotspots and roadless wildlands on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Speak up for non-motorized forest values in the RRSNF Travel Management Plan.
BLM is targeting a number of older forest stands in the Little Butte Creek Watershed for logging -including a complex late-successional stand near the Grizzly Peak trailhead.
Medford BLM to Log near Popular Grizzly Peak Trailhead
BLM is targeting a number of older forest stands in the Little Butte Creek Watershed for logging -including a complex late-successional stand near the Grizzly Peak trailhead.
Natural Gas Export Project Costs Ratepayers, Harms Land and Streams
Now that the project proponents admit the development would be used to export domestic natural gas that has been extracted through “fracking” in the Rocky Mountains, our local issue has become national, and we need to stand strong to protect regional interests from blind corporate profiteering.
A New Plan for Public Land: What's the Deal?
Representatives Greg Walden, Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader recently released a Discussion Draft of the “O&C Trust, Conservation, and Jobs Act.”
A Moment in Time to Protect the Chetco
A unique opportunity has emerged to permanently protect the National Wild and Scenic Chetco River from mining claims that have threatened this prized stream for decades.
Stand up for our Forests! Comment on the East West Timber Sale
The BLM is proposing to log nearly 1,000 acres and to punch new logging roads into the native forests and salmon-bearing watersheds of the upper Illinois Watershed outside of the town of Cave Junction
Off Road Vehicles Threaten Smith River NRA
Unfortunately, the Forest Service bowed to the pressure of ORV enthusiasts and is now proposing to add 9 new ORV routes in roadless wildlands and botanical hotspots.
Help Us Protect BLM Heritage Forests
Western Oregon BLM forests are our backyard forests and a part of our heritage. Now we have a chance to get the management of these forests right.
Hold the Logging Industry accountable to the Clean Water Act
The logging industry should be required to have Clean Water Act permits for discharging pollutants to our public waterways.
Act for Energy Independence: Defend Oregon from LNG
This proposed pipeline is much bigger than the incredibly destructive localized impacts: it is at the heart of our national energy policy, threatening to make natural gas the new oil.
Scott River Salmon need your Help
The Forest Service is proposing to restore the Sugar Creek headwater tributary to the Scott River by stabilizing and rehabilitating some old logging roads and decommissioning others. Let the Forest Service know you support their efforts.
A Unique Opportunity to Protect the Wild & Scenic Illinois River from the 1872 Mining Law
Absent meaningful mining law reform, the next best thing to protect public resources from mining impacts is to withdrawal lands from the 1872 Mining Law.
Demand water for migrating waterfowl!
Wildlife in the Klamath Basin are at risk from poor management and a water delivery system which favors agribusiness over the health of the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuges.
Ross Geese
Botanical Area Urgently Needs Your Help!
Botanical Area signs have been torn down, a gate limiting vehicle access has been repeatedly vandalized, and recent off road vehicle mud bogging in the Botanical Area has damaged both the hydrological and botanical values of the meadows.
Say No to LNG Exports
Energy companies have targeted southern Oregon with a proposal to build a 235-mile natural gas pipeline and coastal terminal to EXPORT domestic natural gas to Asian markets.
Klamath Timber Sale Threatens Old-Growth Forest on the Salmon River
Sometimes the Forest Service just can't let go of a bad idea. For years timber planners on the Salmon/Scott River District of the Klamath National Forest have wanted to log the native forests at the "Little Cronan" timber sale.
little cronan
Scott River Needs Water for Fish!
Over-allocation of groundwater for livestock and water-intensive crops such as alfalfa has drastically reduced the river’s flow and harmed water quality for decades.
Scott River dry raft
Red Buttes Wildlands Slated For “Salvage” Logging
Forests need fire, not logging. The Klamath National Forest plans to exploit the rejuvenating Goff fire to log some of the largest trees in the Kangaroo Roadless Area.
goff fire mosaic
Support Protections for Pacific Wolves
Pacific Wolf recovery is just beginning. But wolves may lose their federal protections, making recovery of wolves in western Washington, Oregon and California much more difficult.
Old-growth Near Crater Lake National Park Targeted for Logging
The Rogue River-Siskiyou Forest is poised to shift gears and return to the bad old days of ancient forest logging and massive road construction in the remote wildlands adjacent to the western boundary of Crater Lake National Park.
Protect the Wild and Scenic Chetco River from Mining
The Wild and Scenic Chetco River is renowned for its world-class salmon and steelhead runs, and crystal clear water. But it is still vulnerable to mining thanks to the General Mining Law of 1872 -- which gives mining precedence over all other uses.