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Western Oregon BLM Forests

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Western Oregon BLM forests surround our communities. People live next to BLM forests, we recreate in BLM forests, and we get our drinking water from BLM forests. Western Oregon BLM forests are our backyard forests and a part of our heritage.

There are currently two major developments in the management of BLM forests in Oregon.

  1. Proposals to manage large portions of BLM forests for the sole purpose of timber production (O&C Trust Act).
  2. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has initiated the process of creating a new management plan (RMP process).

NGO clearcut
The O&C Trust Act puts these forests at risk.

Members of Congress are developing an enormous logging plan for these forests. Their plan would clear-cut thousands of acres a year, and environmental laws that protect salmon, wildlife and public access would be waived. This is being proposed as a solution to the county funding crisis in Oregon, where public services are threatened by a lack of county revenue. Logging would need to return to the peak levels from the 1980s to achieve the level of federal funding county governments seek. At that rate, nearly half of our BLM forests would be clearcut in a few decades.

We have a chance to get the management of these forests right.

The western Oregon BLM is seeking public input for plans that guide forest management across 2.6 million acres of public lands. This new process could bring its plans into the 21st century to reflect the public desire to protect waterways, old forests and to safeguard the capacity of these forests to mitigate climate change. But there are powerful interests that seek to open up our forests to clearcutting and weaken protections for waterways and wildlife.  Your voice is needed.

We are collecting photos, art, stories, memories and descriptions of your favorite spot in Oregon BLM forests. Your contributions will help the conservation movement make a case that BLM forests are an important part of Oregon's natural and cultural heritage. Your personal stories highlight the clean water, recreation, and wildlife habitat that is provided by BLM lands.

Please click here and send us your stories!

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