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Partners and Coalition Allies

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The Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion is world-renowned for its ecological riches. As such, a lot of great folks are dedicated to protecting and restoring these natural treasures. KS Wild works in close partnership with a number of organizations and coalitions to accomplish our goals for the region. Together, we are helping shape a future that includes protecting our forests, waters, and wildlife and creating sustainable communities with a high quality of life.

Media Producers: KS Wild has had the privilege of working with skilled documentary film makers. These films highlight the richness of our region in way that engages and activates the public. Here are a few of those films: 

Public Interest Law Firms: KS Wild relies heavily on the great work of a number of environmental public interest law firms. Over the years, these groups have been essential in ensuring that natural resource management agencies adhere to their own laws. Key partners include:

Community Advocates: KS Wild works in close coordination with a number of Pacific Northwest grassroots organizations that share our vision, including:

Regional and National Partners: As a regional grassroots organization, it is important for KS Wild to build relationships with groups that can bring national attention to this world-class, but relatively remote, Ecoregion. Over the years, we are proud to have partnered with the following organizations on key campaigns to protect the Klamath-Siskiyou:

Coalitions, Community-based Forestry and Social Justice: A crucial part of effective grassroots organizing is being fully present in your community, helping to advance not only environmental sustainability but also vibrant, sustainable economies and a high quality of life. KS Wild is involved in many coalitions and collaboratives, including:

Environmental Education: Nurturing the next generation of ecologically-responsible members of society is also vital to the success of the conservation movement. Some of our favorite environmental education programs include:

Please visit our Business Member, 1% for the Planet, and Supporter pages to learn even more about our partners!