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KS Wild works with diverse interests to find common ground, develop restoration-based jobs and help build sustainable communities.

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KS Wild has worked over the last several years to advance collaborative models of federal forest management. By working with disparate interests we hope to steer federal lands management away from destructive management proposals and toward sustainable and restorative natural resource decisions.

KS Wild staff in the field with the Klamath National Forest discussing the Round Valley project.

KS Wild works with Josephine County Integrated Fire Plan (JCIFP) Stewardship Contracting Group to propose and implement good stewardship projects. The JCIFP Stewardship Contracting Group is comprised of the BLM, Forest Service, small-scale logging and restoration contractors, KS Wild and is facilitated by community foresters from the Watershed Center.

KS Wild also works with the Southern Oregon Small Diameter Collaborative,” a group of agencies, environmentalists, timber industry, and local stakeholders to encourage the utilization of small diameter trees from public land.

We are also a member of the Trinity Forest Restoration Collaborative, working on projects in the South Fork Management Unit of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Click here to read about the newly released report, "Restoring the Rogue: A Plan to Prioritize Restoration on Federal Lands in the Rogue River Basin."

Click on the link below to download a "Forest Restoration and Small Diameter Thinning" publication that describes projects we support. Click here for print-quality version (4.4MB)

In contrast, we have also created a short publication, "Good Examples of Bad Management." Click on here for a print-quality version (3.4MB)
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