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Horse Heli timber sale, Klamath National Forest

Environmental Law Resources

Ever wondered what NEPA, ESA or FLPMA meant? These acronyms represent environmental laws that regulate actions that affect public resources. There are numerous laws that affect our public lands and waters. This section will give you summaries of some of the main laws that KS Wild uses to protect public resources. Each summary links to the text of the law itself.

Elected Officials

Click here for contact information for local, regional, state and federal officials.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are an easy way to voice your opinion to policy makers and to educate people in your community about the issues that are important to you. The letters section is one of the most frequently read segments of newspapers (and magazines). Below are the word limits and email addresses to submit letters to Oregon's major newspapers. Include you name, address and phone number (address and phone will not be printed)

MEDFORD MAIL TRIBUNE - 200 words or less:

GRANTS PASS DAILY COURIER - 250 words or less:

EUGENE REGISTER GUARD - 250 words or less:

SALEM STATESMAN JOURNAL - 200 words or less:

OREGONIAN - 150 words or less:


Read current reports on fire, forest ecology and economics.


Do you sometimes wonder what DBH means? Or a fire return interval? Click here for a glossary of forest management terms.

Timber Sale Monitoring 101

This Land is Your Land: National Forest Timber Sales and Public Involvement