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This is your one stop shop for conservation-focused news about the Klamath-Siskiyou region. Here, you can also find news and updates about KS Wild.

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Backcountry thinning is not the way to healthy forests
On the trail of the wolf known as OR-7
A wolf that split Sept. 10 from its northeast Oregon pack and is now wandering in southwest Oregon followed a path seemingly scripted from some Jack London knock-off documentary about how the first wolf in Western Oregon in 65 years might have gotten here.
KS Wild and Siskiyou Project unite in one voice for the Klamath-Siskiyou
Regional organizations merge to strengthen the conservation movement for this world-class eco-region.
Spill muddies Big Butte Creek
Biologists fear salmon eggs may have been casualties
Federal Judge Recommends Striking Down Illegal Oregon Logging Plan Big day for wildlife, salmon, clean water, old-growth forests, and the public
Today, people throughout the west are celebrating a federal court ruling that recommends striking down the Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR), which abandoned scientific protections for federal public lands in western Oregon and would have opened up those lands to outdated boom-and-bust logging.
Bait and switch: Gas export threatens Southern Oregon
The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas proposal could be the riskiest energy project Southern Oregon has ever seen.
Timber sale focuses on restoration
BLM project for Applegate area allows 1.5 million board feet to be harvested, but not any old-growth
Ski area permit decision on hold
After listening to about 40 area residents, the Ashland City Council ran out of time on Tuesday night to decide whether to give up its permit for the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.
Going with the Flow
Sucker Creek restoration aims to give native fish a fighting chance
Salmon habitat and water quality: Every Oregonian has a stake in stream protection
The Oregonian's editorial "Timber country and you" (July 24) places the interest of the timber industry above the public's interest in clean water, wild salmon and healthy watersheds. The editorial ignored what science tells us about the impact of logging roads on the survival of wild salmon.