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Keep America's Public Lands in Public Hands

Militant extremists' seizure of Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge is part of a land takeover movement that threatens America's natural heritage and outdoor legacy. Every single one of us has a right to visit and enjoy our public parks, refuges, and other wild lands, these places are a part of our national identity.

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America’s cherished public lands are under attack - and we're taking a big stand to keep them in public hands. Along with seven other regional and national conservation organizations we launched a new short film today as part of a coordinated campaign to protect our natural heritage.
The film, titled Protect Your Lands, contrasts the devious threats that national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands face with the tremendous love Americans have for these special places. 
Through a petition and social media tools on the website, we are calling on the millions of Americans who hike, camp, ski, fish, climb, wildlife watch and otherwise access or love their public lands to urge elected leaders to reject all attempts to giveaway, sell, transfer or abuse the nation’s public lands heritage.

Watch the Video!

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KS Wild's Protect Public Lands Social Media Campaign

I love Public Lands collage

Join our Social Media Campaign: #MyPublicLands - A photo contest to tastefully show decision makers and other influencers through social media that we support our public lands.  Details are as follows:

  1. Visit your public lands
  2. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says, “I Love my Public Lands #mypubliclands”
  3. Email your submission to: info at
Winners awarded in 4 categories: Water, Mountains & Landscapes, Trees, Wildlife. Contest Ends on Earth Day April 22nd, 2016.  

Special interest groups want to seize your public lands Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Walden and other congressional forces have recently ramped up their efforts to seize and take control of our public lands (HR 2647). Among these campaigns are pressure tactics on state governments to seize public forests, refuges, parks, wilderness and other lands so they can be privatized or auctioned for drilling, mining and logging.  

These efforts to seize and sell America’s public lands put everyone’s access to our national forests and wildlife refuges at risk; it would cut access for hunting and fishing, risk our clean drinking water supplies, and force states to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to fight dangerous wildfires. Oregonians have forged a proud tradition of collaboration, consensus-building, and creating common ground when it comes to natural resource management. Turning public land management over to the states would be a major step backwards.

The cost of divesting in public lands

  • Loss of recreational access to all Americans - Americans from all places would lose the ability to hike, camp, fish or hunt in some of their favorite wild places.  
  • Prized wildlands become development projects - To pay for the costly upkeep of these lands, Oregon would have to either raise taxes or sell off some of our most iconic treasures to the highest bidder. 
  • Financial burdens for keeping lands are placed on state taxpayers - In Oregon 53% of our public lands are managed by federal agencies. Shifting this land management responsibility to the state would place a huge burden on Oregon taxpayers.
  • Potential Damage to other state programs - Critical state supported programs like education and law enforcement would suffer cutbacks in an effort to support the new fiscal burden of managing these lands.

These lands are yours

You are essential in KS Wild’s efforts to conserve and protect our public lands for future generations. Together we have collaborated to create momentum in our legislatures towards the reformation of dangerous proposals (like HR 2647) that threaten our natural heritage.

You can be involved in the movement to keep public lands in public hands by participating in some of our organized actions to show decision makers that we believe “Public lands are for all.”



  • Send & Share our Action Alert 
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Join our Social Media Campaign: #MyPublicLands