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Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers

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Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers at Risk

Smith River

The Kalmiopsis rivers are the densest network of wild rivers in the lower 48 states. Although known for healthy salmon runs, world-renowned plant diversity, and outstanding recreation, there are proposed nickel mining in these rivers’ headwaters. Strip mining poses a serious threat to the river habitat, recreation economy, and drinking water supply for local communities. Immediate closure of the area to mining is the most effective way to prevent the development of nickel strip mines from turning this national treasure into an industrial mining zone. 

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The Latest:

In July 2015, Senators Wyden and Merkley, and Representatives DeFazio of Oregon and Huffman of California introduced the Southwest Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act which proposes withdrawal of these pristine watersheds from future mining activities:

  • Upper Illinois Kayak - NWilson
    Rough and Ready Creek 
  • Baldface Creeks 
  • Wild and Scenic North Fork Smith River 


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