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We are Water, STOP Nickel Mines

California and Oregon’s renowned Wild Rivers Coast are too special to strip mine! With crystal clear water, robust salmon runs, and globally unique botanical values, these National Forest and BLM lands must be protected from mining.

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What’s at stake? 
Vital stronghold for salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat 
Public lands that support a treasure trove of botanical diversity with one of the highest concentrations of rare plants in North America! 
Pure drinking water for local communities
Outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities, including fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting and kayaking

20-year Mineral Withdrawal Now Under Consideration! 
The U.S. Forest Service and BLM have received over 45,000 public comments on the proposed Southwestern Oregon Mineral Withdrawal. Most asked for a 20-year withdrawal— to provide the maximum interim protection from mining, while Congress considers legislation to make it permanent. A mineral withdrawal will protect ~101,000 acres of public lands from new mining claims and also require existing claim holders to show they can comply with validity requirements before any mining activities can begin.
Over the past year, the Forest Service and BLM completed an Environmental Assessment, evaluating both a 5- and 20-year option for this proposal. In response to overwhelming public support for the 20-year option, they are now amending their original notice to consider extending the duration of the proposed withdrawal. 
At this critical juncture, we need to show strong support one more time! 
Take Action: Please help us get this job done by signing your name to the statement in support of the proposed 20-year withdrawal.