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Trinity River Watersheds and Salmon Need Your Help!

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The Trinity River is renowned for its stunning beauty, but many of its tributaries are in bad shape. Indeed, much of the watershed has been listed as water quality impaired for sediment under the Clean Water Act.

The Forest Service Proposes to Restore At-Risk Streams and Creeks.

For years the Shasta-Trinity National Forest built logging roads like there was no tomorrow and a few bad apples from the public piled-on by carving Off-Road Vehicle routes into the Forest. When the unsustainable logging boom of the 1970s and 80s went bust, the Forest Service was left with a network of logging roads to nowhere that taxpayers can no longer afford to maintain.

So the Forest Service is proposing to help water quality by restoring 93 road/stream crossings on tributaries to the South Fork Trinity River. This watershed restoration work will decommission 48 miles of un-needed “spur” logging roads, while retaining 99% of the current road access to the National Forest. Unfortunately, repairing and restoring even 1% of the logging roads on the Forest is too much for some Off-Road Vehicle advocates.

Lets let the Forest Service know that most people support responsible watershed restoration in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Please click here to send a letter or email to the Forest Service in support of the Westside Watershed Restoration Environmental Assessment.