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Sample Letter for Southside Mt. Ashland Project

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Susan Stresser, Klamath National Forest
1312 Fairlane Road, Yreka, CA 96097

Re: Southside Mt. Ashland Project

Dear Ms. Stresser,

While I support fuels reduction and small diameter thinning in the Mt. Ashland Late-Successional Reserve Habitat Restoration and Fuels Reduction Project, I am very concerned about the road construction associated with the plan.

Beaver Creek is an important tributary to the Klamath River and it already has far too many logging roads. These roads bleed sediment into nearby streams and fragment wildlife habitat. The Beaver Creek Watershed is very prone to erosion. The Forest Service should reconsider any plans to build new roads in the watershed. Building 7 miles of road as a part of this project is unnecessary as the Forest Service has identified other means to accomplish fuels reduction and thinning without building these logging roads.

I am also concerned with plans to log and yard trees through streamside areas. This can be very harmful to the “riparian reserves.” These reserves are set aside to protect the aquatic ecosystem and should be managed with a delicate touch.

Thanks for the chance to comment on the proposal to manage this Late-Successional Reserve. I look forward to keeping up-to-date on this important project.