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Aspens in fall color at the top of the Beaver Creek watershed on the southside of Mt. Ashland.

Please contact the Klamath National Forest regarding the “Mt. Ashland Late-Successional Reserve Habitat Restoration and Fuels Reduction Project.”
The Klamath National Forest is developing a plan to log the south side of the Mt. Ashland Old-Growth Reserve near the Long John and Grouse Creek portions of the Beaver Creek Watershed.  Much of the forest targeted for logging was previously logged at the turn of the century by the Fruit Growers Supply Company of Hilt, Ca. Where there were once old-growth pine forests, now there are dense second growth true-fir stands.

The Forest Service is now proposing to thin 3,800 acres of these dense second-growth fir stands. This proposed second growth thinning has the support of KS Wild and is a good first step towards restoring old-growth conditions to these logged over lands.

Unfortunately, the Forest Service is also proposing to build 7 miles of new logging roads through the reserve. The Beaver Creek watershed, a tributary to the ailing Klamath River, already has far too many logging roads that fragment wildlife habitat while bleeding sediment into the creeks and streams. The watershed is comprised of highly unstable granitic and schist soils that are extremely erosive, especially when new roads are constructed.

The Forest Service also intends to yard logged trees through stream-side riparian reserves.  Such yarding corridors inevitably harm the terrestrial and hydrological values that the riparian reserves are supposed to protect.

Please take a moment to write to the Forest Service to request that they focus on thinning the dense second-growth forest stands while completely avoiding new road construction and yarding through riparian reserves in the Mt Ashland Old-Growth Reserve. 

Susan Stresser, Klamath National Forest
1312 Fairlane Road
Yreka, CA 96097

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