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Scott River Salmon need your Help

The Forest Service is proposing to restore the Sugar Creek headwater tributary to the Scott River by stabilizing and rehabilitating some old logging roads and decommissioning others. Let the Forest Service know you support their efforts.

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Safe public access to the forest will be improved through road maintenance and old logging roads to nowhere will be put to bed - this is great for water quality and salmon.

Unfortunately some Siskiyou County Tea Party politicians oppose this needed watershed restoration plan and want to turn the project into yet another timber sale. Please let the Forest Service know that you stand with them in their effort to reduce sediment pollution in the Scott River.

The Scott River tributary to the Klamath River has had a tough go of it. For decades water withdrawals, mining, logging, grazing and irresponsible road building have degraded the river's water quality and salmon habitat. Sediment pollution from crumbling logging roads has been a chronic problem and contributed to the Scott being listed under the Clean Water Act as in need of cleanup.

Please take a moment to let the Forest Service know that you support their efforts to improve water quality and reduce sediment production from old logging roads. Take action by clicking here.