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Sample Letter to Governor Kulongoski on BLM's WOPR

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Governor Kulongoski
Phone: 503-378-4582
Snail mail: 160 State Capitol, 900 Court St., Salem, Oregon 97301-4047; 
Email online:


Dear Governor Kulongoski,

I am writing to express my concern about the Bureau of Land Management’s Western Oregon Plan Revisions. The proposed plan is an irresponsible effort at solving county budget challenges in rural Oregon and further endangers struggling salmon populations. The WOPR weakens environmental protections and puts salmon, old-growth ecosystems (Oregon’s carbon warehouses) and our communities at risk.

The final plan will: 1) remove BLM forests from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan; 2) ramp up clearcut logging across hundreds of thousands of acres; 3) remove streamside buffers that protect clean water and fish; and 4) log some of the last remaining older forests in western Oregon.

Public lands are habitat refuges for countless species and provide invaluable ecological services. The inevitable harm to water quality, fish habitat, climate regulation, fire hazard and sustainable economic growth is the wrong direction for Oregon.

Now is the time to move forward with a common sense vision that includes protecting remaining old-growth and restoring the rest of the forest that has been degraded by past mismanagement. You are the only elected official standing between President Bush and clearcutting some of the last of the low-elevation old-growth forest in western Oregon. I urge you to reject the WOPR and tell the BLM to come back with a plan that moves us forward in the forest.