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Help Save Oregon's Treasures

Legislation introduced for Rogue River and Oregon Caves - Help make a proposal become a law.

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In a major step toward safeguarding some of southern Oregon’s special places, Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Peter DeFazio introduced companion legislation yesterday to protect the Rogue River and Oregon Caves. Senator Smith, so far, is silent on the matter.

The “Oregon Treasures” legislation proposes to add 143 miles of the Rogue River’s tributary streams to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, expand the Oregon Caves National Monument by 4,000 acres, and add nearly 8 miles of Cave Creek to the Wild and Scenic Rivers system - making it the nation's first underground stream, known as the River Styx, to be protected under the Act.

Oregon Treasures also provides for the opportunity to retire a grazing permit on an allotment that overlaps with the Monument’s water supply that services more than 80,000 visitors a year. Oregon Treasures would also strengthen protections for Mt. Hood outside of Portland.

Representative DeFazio said, "These are places that merit special protection so that not only this generation of Oregonians can continue to enjoy them, but future generations of Oregonians for all time, and all Americans will have access to these wonderful places unchanged further by the hand of man."

Senator Wyden stated, “Protecting Oregon’s special places sometimes means you have to protect the surrounding land and waterways that affect them. You can’t keep the Rogue pure and wild if the waters that feed it aren’t – and you can’t protect the underground parts of the Oregon Caves unless you take care of the land above and around them.”

KS Wild, our supporters and partners, are working hard to secure these protections and are excited about the potential for this dream to become reality in 2008. Oregon Treasures was introduced because people like you asked Congress to take action. Now is an important time to speak up to secure these safeguards so that future generations may enjoy Rogue River salmon and marvel at the wonders of the Oregon Caves.

Please join us in making a proposal become a law.

Contact Representative DeFazio and Senator Wyden and thank them for their work to protect the Rogue River and Oregon Caves.

Senator Ron Wyden
Email him via his website, or call his office at 202.224.5244

Representative Peter DeFazio
Email him via his website, or call his office at 202.225.6416

Where is Senator Smith?

Please contact Senator Smith and ask that he support this legislation to protect the Rogue River and the Oregon Caves. Ask your friends and family to do the same - these are national treasures that deserve protection.

Senator Gordon Smith
Email him via his website, or call his office at 202.224.3753

Photos, from left to right: Rogue salmon, Ken Morrish; Rogue canyon, Dang Ngo; Oregon caves, KS Wild files; Kangaroo Roadless Area above Oregon caves, Barbara Ullian.