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Congress must not strip the EPA’s duty to protect our waters from pesticides

Tell congress to keep our waters safe from pesticide application.

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The chemical lobby is pushing Congress to undermine the Clean Water Act by exempting pesticide applications to public waters from the protections and safeguards of water quality monitoring and permits. Under the industry groups’ proposal, discharges of pesticides would evade Clean Water Act permitting.

Treating pesticides as pollutants is common sense. Pesticides are designed to be toxic to living things, are responsible for significant harm to waterways, and have caused real harm to public health and ecosystems. Pesticides discharged into our waterways directly harm fish and amphibian life in particular. They also move up the food chain and contaminate drinking water.

To protect and restore our nation’s waters and prevent further pollution to one of our country’s most precious resources, Congress must not take away the EPA’s ability to require Clean Water Act permits for applications of pesticides into our waters. This proposal has already passed in the house as HR 872, we need to stop the Senate version (S.718) and protect our water!

Take Action: click here to send an email to Congress asking that they oppose any legislation that exempts pesticides from the Clean Water Act.

Learn More: click here to learn more about the issue.