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Bad Timber Sale threatens Jenny Creek Watershed

While Jenny Creek's unique importance for biodiversity and water quality is widely recognized, timber planners in the BLM remain intent on punching more logging roads into the heart of this watershed to conduct "group selection" logging of backcountry native forest stands.

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This old-growth stands in the path of a proposed road.
"The Jenny Creek Watershed has perhaps the greatest biodiversity of any area in the state of Oregon."  Jenny Creek Watershed Assessment and Analysis, Medford District BLM, at 4.

Earlier this year we asked you to stand up for the incredibly biologically diverse forests of the Jenny Creek watershed by sending an email to the Medford BLM asking them to protect the remaining intact forests in the Jenny Creek Key Watershed. Sometimes the government needs to hear from you more than once to get the message, so please take a moment to remind the BLM that you value the forests and waters of Jenny Creek for their outstanding ecological values.

The Environmental Assessment for the "Cottonwood" timber sale calls for construction of a new 1.5 mile permanent logging road to facilitate logging backcountry forest stands that serve as Nesting Roosting and Foraging habitat for the Northern spotted owl and that were recognized as "critical" by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1992. The proposed road construction would involve old-growth logging, a meadow crossing, and construction through a riparian reserve.

Please take a moment to send the BLM an email saying that you are still aware of their plans for Jenny Creek and that its time that they listen to the public and protect the outstanding forest and watershed values of Jenny Creek.