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Mosaic pattern of the Biscuit fire in the
Chetco River Watershed

The 2002 Biscuit Fire continues to sit at the center of a policy firestorm regarding post-fire recovery and the management of public lands. In the last couple of weeks, several interesting developments have surfaced regarding the economic and ecological justifications for post-fire logging, including a controversial study from OSU. Addtionally, we have seen censorship attempts made by Oregon State University to squelch the academic freedom of graduate research indicating that Biscuit logging hinders forest regeneration and increases fire risk.

Click on the links below to find: 1. Q&A article with former Biscuit planner Rich Fairbanks; 2. Media coverage of the censorship attempt by OSU Forestry professors and a response from the prestigious journal "Science" and 3. Medford Mail Tribune article on economic analysis of Biscuit logging.

1. Q&A with Rich Fairbanks

The Eugene Weekly interview with former Forest Service employee and Biscuit team leader Rich Fairbanks

2. Media Coverage OSU Attack on Academic Freedom

Article Sparks Scholastic Spat
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Logging Study Sets Off Own Firestorm
Friday, January 20, 2006

3. Economic Report on Biscuit cites taxpayer loss of millions

Medford Mail Tribune: Biscuit Timber Salvage Loses Money

Please Speak up and Write a Letter to the Editor!

This new information is great fodder for Letters to the Editors of your local newspaper advocating that our Congressional Representatives vote against Rep. Greg Walden and Senator Gordon Smith's misguided bills in Congress. Rep. Walden and Sen. Smith use highly questionable logic in their proposal to weaken environmental laws and public participation while mandating logging after natural events.

Medford Mail Tribune: (200 word limit)
Grants Pass Daily Courier: (250 word limit)
Ashland Daily Tidings: (250 word limit)
Eugene Register-Guard: (250 word limit)