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Got 10 seconds? Click through our automatic actions. Send a letter or sign-on to a petition in support of protecting the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion on the issues that are important to you.

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URGENT: Marble Mountains Targeted, You Can Help!
Timber planners on the Klamath National Forest are exploiting last summer’s wildfires to push an extreme logging proposal that calls for clearcutting old-growth reserves in key salmon strongholds. Please stand with conservation groups, native tribes, watershed councils and fire ecologists to oppose the Forest Service rush to log at any cost.
BLM Targets Forests And Watersheds - Protect Grave Creek!
The BLM is at a crossroad: some folks in the agency are trying to find ways to thin second-growth forests, restore damaged watersheds and reduce the impacts of logging roads, while others want to "regenerate" ancient forests and punch more logging roads through the mountains. Stand with us and ask the Bureau of Land Management to restore, rather than exploit, ancient forests providing critical fish and wildlife habitat.
URGENT: 40,000 Acre Timber Sale On The Klamath!
The wild forests and watersheds of the Klamath have never needed your help more than now. With the smoke still clearing from this summer's wildfires, the Klamath National Forest is already pushing an extreme logging proposal that would clearcut thousands of acres of recovering post-fire forests, old-growth reserves, and roadless wildlands.
Tell Wyden: Protect Oregon's BLM Forests
Senator Wyden is moving sweeping forestry legislation in the current 'lame duck' session of Congress. The bill would overhaul management on 2.6 million acres of federal public land, deciding the fate of many of southwest Oregon's forests, rivers, and wild areas.
Stop the Nedsbar Timber Sale
The Applegate Valley has a growing recreation and tourism economy. The proposed Nedsbar timber sale would log 3,400 acres in an area proposed for protection, increase fire hazard, and harm clean water that supplies family farms. Speak up to prevent the BLM from destroying the last, best older forests in the Applegate Valley.
Smith River Deserves Protection, Not Strip Mining
The Smith River Basin in southwest Oregon is renowned for clear waters and world-class salmon runs. Help prevent a proposed nickel mine from strip mining about 4,000 acres of wilderness quality public lands, polluting downstream waters, and harming one of the most wild and pristine watersheds on the west coast.
Protect Salmon River Old-Growth From Post-Fire Logging
The science is clear: post-fire logging harms soil, wildlife, and clean water. Join KS Wild in urging the Klamath National Forest to protect some of the best steelhead streams on the mid-Klamath River from destructive logging.
Support Responsible Forest Service Road Management
The Forest Service's 380,000 mile road system is in desperate need of maintenance to prevent erosion that muddies streams and kills fish. Urge your Senators and Representatives to support right-sizing the Forest Service road system with responsible management to protect public lands and save taxpayers money.
Last Chance for Smith River Wildlands!
Please support protection of the wildlands and wildflowers in the Smith River National Recreation Area.
No Joke, Gas Exports A Bad Deal
Gas company executives want to make huge profits exporting US gas at the expense of southern Oregon's landowners, families, rivers, forests, and climate. Tell Senator Wyden gas exports are a bad deal for Oregon.
Speak Up For Trail Creek
The BLM is deciding between several alternatives for how to implement the Trail Creek Timber Sale. Will Trail Creek get the restoration it needs, or more clearcuts? Tell the BLM that you support restoration, rather than exploitation in this at-risk watershed.
Protect Meadows And Creeks In California's Eddy Mountains
The creeks that flow from the Eddy Mountains in northern California are threatened by erosion from logging roads and increasing off-road vehicle use. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is poised to take positive steps to protect creeks and meadows, but they need to hear a strong message of support.
Speak Up For Rare Frogs
This summer KS Wild was shocked to learn that cattle grazing in southern Oregon’s Winema National Forest trampled frogs in their small stream habitats. Your help is needed now to stop a proposed expansion in public lands cattle grazing from damaging even more stream and wetland areas home to our amphibian friends.
Salmon River Wildlands Threatened By Clearcut Logging!
Ask the Forest Service to focus on post-fire forest restoration rather than forest exploitation in this special place.
Tell Senator Wyden to protect our forests
Senator Ron Wyden’s newly-revised forest legislation has far-reaching and long lasting impacts on public forests in Oregon. The stakes are huge. His legislation affects public forests in an area fifteen times the size of Crater Lake National Park, drinking water for 1.8 million Oregonians and wild rivers and recreation throughout the state.
BLM: Stop logging 300-year-old trees
As you read this, the Ashland Resource Area is logging trees older than our nation at the controversial "Cottonwood" timber sale near the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.
BLM Pushes Destructive Post-Fire Logging
Urge BLM decision makers to protect sensitive watersheds and wildlife when they plan post-fire timber sales.
Protect Smith River Wildlands from Off-Road Vehicles
The Smith River National Recreation Area has breathtaking rivers, legendary steelhead runs, and vast open vistas free from roads. This is not the place for more off-road vehicles.
Protect Gray Wolves
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently proposed a rule to remove federal protections for gray wolves across nearly all of the lower 48 states, making it make it easier to kill gray wolves in places they are just beginning to recover, like in Oregon and California.
Save Oregon's Rough & Ready And Baldface Creeks From Destructive Nickel Mining
This fragile wild landscape of pristine rivers, world-class fisheries, and rare plants is at risk of being turned into an industrial wasteland of strip mines, nickel smelters, and ore haul roads.