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Botanical Area Quarterly Assessment

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The quarterly submitted data form for the Adopt a Botanical Area program volunteers. All fields are required, so for anything that you did not see any of, please tell us that specifically. Fields are in the same order as they are on your field data sheets and you should be able to go through easily. Thank you!

What date did you do your assessment?
/ / :
Please describe the weather at the time of assessment?
For each of the following items, please describe what you saw at the time of your visit to your adopted site. Please also let us know about any changes from your previous visits.
Are there other people in the area? For example, hikers, photographers, off-road vehicle drivers, etc. Please describe any and all activity in the area.
Generally, describe the plant life you encounter. If you can identify any rare, or invasive species, please list what you see here.
Generally, describe the animal life you encounter. If you can identify any rare, or invasive species, please list what you see here.
Is there garbage present in your chosen area? If so, what kind an how much? If you picked up the trash, please tell us how much there was.
Describe any damage you see that may have been caused by motorized vehicles. Is it recent or old? Any user-created roads that are not mapped? Did you see or hear any ORVs present?
Any signs of nearby suction dredging or surface mining? Are there miners camping within the Botanical Area, or nearby?
Are there any clear impacts from agricultural operations? Do you see cows or cow pies?
Photographs provide very valuable information. If you have a digital camera, please take pictures of anything notable. It is also helpful to have pictures taken under normal conditions, to compare against pictures taken if you find a problem. For example outfalls, sediment-laden runoff, erosion, damage to wetlands or riparian areas, trash, etc. Please send photos to with a description of what each photo is showing and where it was taken.
Do you have anything else to add that doesn’t fit under one of the existing categories? Please let us know!